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For 25 years, the Natural Playgrounds Company has been designing the country’s most innovative, engaging, beautiful outdoor learning and play areas.

We are the only company in the world with Natural Playground design, manufacturing, and construction experience, so we know all our designs work for children of all ages the way they should. Some of our Natural Playgrounds are designed for adults, as well!

We can help you have a fabulous Natural Playground for a very reasonable design fee.

Look at all you get:
• Site visit with slide show presentation about Natural Playgrounds that gets everyone on the same page and moving toward a common goal
• visual assessment with notes that guide design decisions
• 3D scan of the site so we have an accurate map of the site with 6” contours that help us fix drainage issues and utilize the existing landscape
• Comprehensive photo assessment that also helps guide design decisions
• Distribution of comprehensive questionnaires that we compile to make a comprehensive list of your wishes
• Development of a full scale, full resolution photorealistic plan which is perfect for fundraising!
• If needed, we make a line drawing for permit and construction packages
• Construction Notes discussing the scope of the project and describing in detail the way to build your outdoor learning and play area
• Line item Construction Estimate that YOU can adjust to meet whatever budget you have for your first phase!!

Some of our customers can use all the information above to build their own areas, but most have to either get skilled volunteers or hire people to do the work.

To help with the construction, we offer several different services:
• Vetting services - to help you choose the best local contractor.
• Construction documents, such as detailed drawings
• Installation documents, including assembly and installation instructions
• Permit packages to help with town permits (if any are required)
• Construction Guidelines written to provide contractors with information about construction techniques and meeting safety guidelines.
• Construction oversight. We have developed a very effective way to provide remote construction oversight on a daily basis.

Plans can be easily tailored to fit any sized space and any sized budget, so our very reasonable design fees vary accordingly! All our plans and products are 100% compliant with all ASTM, CPSC, and licensing playground safety guidelines!

Click on the images below to see the kinds of things that would be included in your playground depending on your budget.

Usually Natural Playgrounds are built in phases, so we suggest you look out 5 years, decide how much you want to invest in your outdoor learning and play area over that time, and let us develop a design for that budget!

Then we help you break the project down into several easy-to-achieve building phases so you have time to raise money in between.

Let us show you what we can do to help you get your dream!

Please start with an inquiry to our design department at [email protected]

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