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Duh! Book of Management and Supervision

Duh! Book of Management and Supervision
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Leading your staff is extremely challenging and sometimes very difficult, probably because you weren’t trained how to be a good leader.

It’s further complicated because you know what you want, but probably find it difficult to get it across to your staff so they’re motivated to move in the direction you’d like them to move.

This book is very different from most leadership books: it offers very simple and very successful leadership techniques in very small, very understandablbe, bites.

Gerri disagrees with most professionals about how to address leadership challenges and issues, and suggests unique and effective options based on almost 40 years of consulting to national and international organizations, educational institutions, private and public companies, and nonprofits.

She calls the standard approaches and recommendations (the so-called principles of leadership) “myths,” gives you real stories about why they don’t work, and then offers very simple and useful ideas that do.

Here’s what she says on the back of her book:

“Managerial styles are influenced by habit, familiarity, and workplace culture. It’s no wonder that well-intentioned professionals doing their best to be good organizational leaders often repeat unhelpful supervisory practices experienced in their early careers, even if they disliked them at the time.

“In the Duh! Book of Management and Supervision, the author disagrees with many accepted leadership principles (unabashedly referring to them as myths) and makes new and different approaches easier to imagine and practice.

Her challenging and controversial concepts illustrated with poignant stories suggest common sense and immediately applicable alternatives more suitable in today’s workplace.”

We highly recommend this easy to read, easy to reference, easy to pick up book. Every time you do pick it up and turn to a page, you’ll learn something, and you won’t want to put it down.