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Bison Pump 700 Repair Kit


Brand: Bison Pumps
Toxicity: non-toxic
Age Appropriateness:

As beautiful as these 700 series pumps are, sometimes the seals, gaskets, and piston rings can dry out and need to be replaced, or sometimes the pumps are not treated right or are abused, and need to be repaired.

This kit replaces the critical internal parts so that your pump gets back to functioning normally.

A couple of other notes about maintaining your pump:

If you feel that you need to lubricate the piston or anything else INSIDE the pump, DO NOT USE SILICONE as it will eat the material!! Use good old Olive Oil instead :))

Lastly: for those of you in freezing climates, you must completely pump your cistern dry, then remove the pump and bring it inside. If you store it in a bucket of water, the seals won’t dry out and will last longer.