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Blocks, Block Play

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Brand: Natural Playgrounds Company
Toxicity: All Natural
Age Appropriateness: all ages

Block play is critical for children.

Our Blocks can teach math skills because children experiment with smaller blocks that are units of larger ones, and they can group, add, and subtract.

Our Blocks encourage creativity and problem solving by allowing children to experiment with different shapes, structural integrity, gravity, balance, and geometry. Playing with our Blocks helps children develop social and emotional skills, because they learn how to share, problem solve together, discuss strategy for accomplishing goals, and discuss each others' solutions.

Block play helps children develop vocabularies as they learn to describe and talk about sizes, shapes, building forms, and positioning.

And playing with our Blocks helps build strength in children's fingers and hands, improves their eye-hand coordination, and refines the fine and large motor skills required to manipulate the blocks.

Small block kits have 30 pieces (2x4x8") of untreated, natural, western fir, cut and sanded. Large block kits have 60 pieces (2x4x8", 12”, 24”) of untreated, natural, western fir, cut and sanded.

For a whole new dimension of play, challenge, and creativity, consider adding Bridge/Ramp/Cantilever package to your order. With these, the kids can experiment with making bridges, tunnels, ramps between levels of blocks, inclines they can roll things down (remember that an Incline is a Simple Machine), and cantilevers!

With proper care, these blocks last forever (I still have the ones my Dad made me decades ago!!!)! Your children will love them!

Actually, we know lots of adults who love them, too.

NOTE: If you are going to be leaving your blocks outdoors, you might want to consider having us treat them for you with our child- friendly preservative.