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Boulders and Rocks

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Brand: Mother Nature
Toxicity: All Natural
Age Appropriateness: all ages

Rocks and boulders are a "must have" on any playground!

Licensing and Playground Safety Inspectors, and insurance representatives are beginning to understand that rocks and boulders are very safe playground additions that become part of the natural landscape that children absolutely adore and learn to respect. Further, neither the ASTM nor the CPSC guidelines regulates boulders, so it is up to you completely, whether you want to bring these beautiful, natural wonders to your children.

Surprisingly enough, boulders/rocks of any size can be shipped anywhere in the country! We feature them in our store, because there are many areas in the United States where boulders/child-friendly rocks cannot be found, which means that many children miss out on one of nature's most beautiful elements.

Wherever we put boulders, they become the immediate favorite place for children of all ages to hang out. Children gravitate toward rocks and boulders; they feel boulders "resonating with the Earth and embodying a silent strength." Teachers love them as well, because every aspect of a boulder becomes a teaching moment. Children ask about the texture of the rock, the little pieces of mica or quartz which might be embedded in its surface, how it got its shape, why it changes color when it rains, why it's cooler on the shady side, and how old it is (most erratics are 300+ million years old!).

In addition, boulders/rocks can be used for amphitheater seating, circle seating, gathering places, climbing, scrambles, steps, games, landmarks, retainers, as beautiful features in general landscaping, etc, etc. They are also perfect for outdoor classroom seating!!

Please note that boulders aren't just lying around for the taking everywhere in the US. Individual boulder erratics, for example, were pushed by glaciers to unusual locations in northern North America only. In other parts of the US, boulders were exposed by erosion, and still elsewhere (such as in Florida) kid-friendly boulders are nowhere to be found!

However, because we understand that real boulders are a critical necessity in a learning playground, we developed a boulder acquisition network that looks for boulders nearest to you so we can save on environmental and shipping costs. Keep in mind that boulders we find for you may be different colors and different shapes, but we make sure that they do NOT have sharp edges so children won't get hurt.

Bottom line is - children absolutely LOVE rocks and boulders, so you really need to have one or more child-friendly ones on your playground.

Playground Rocks and Boulders vary in size from 15” “diameters” to 3 and 4’ diameters (which are usually partially buried in the ground). If you order a specific size, say 15”-18” dia, they will still vary somewhat from that range because the overall shape of rocks varies considerably. That is, a rock might be 15” in one diameter, and 17” or 19” in the other.

Lastly, we try our best to find rocks and boulders that are as smooth as possible, but sometimes there may be a place or two on a boulder that is less round. If those places bother you, just put those parts on the ground so they are buried.

However, we can assure you, that no matter the shape of the boulder, your kids will absolutely love them and respect them such that the likelihood of one of your children getting hurt on a boulder, or because of a boulder, is next to zero!

By the way: if you’re ordering in bulk, we can save you money on boulders and shipping! Let us know.

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