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Chalk and White Magnetic Walls

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Brand: Natural Playgrounds Company
Toxicity: treated with child friendly wood preservative
Age Appropriateness: all ages

The Magnet Wall is a large surface (4’ x 6’ or 8’) of either chalkboard or whiteboard.

You can draw on the chalkboard with real (or fake) chalk! And on the whiteboard, you can use erasable markers, washable finger paint, or any other washable coloring medium.

AND, because both boards are metal, magnets of all kinds will stick to them!

These are another Must on a playground. 33% of children are visual learners, and children who make art read better and get better grades, so art should be an important activity outside as well, because the outdoor environment stimulates all kinds of sensations that children can’t get inside.

These are also great for an outdoor classroom, and can easily be installed in front of sitting stumps or slab or other benches spaced 6 safe feet apart.

It’s well-known that art develops hand and eye coordination, stimulates perception, allows exploration of ideas, encourages creative solutions, enhances critical thinking, provides a way to reflect on feelings, and allows children to be more self-aware and to express thoughts or emotions in new ways, so these write-on walls can play a critical role in your outdoor curriculum.

Both chalk and white panels are completely washable, which makes cleanup simple.

Made for mounting to a wall or fence, but these can also be freestanding if you order the posts, and they come with complete, easy installation instructions and all hardware.

Magnetic Loose Parts Packages: What would a magnet board be without the magnetic learning elements that stick to it? We have two size packages.

The Small Magnetic Loose Parts Package contains 3 18" chutes, 3 12" chutes, 4 deflectors, 4 funnel holders (all with strong magnets that attach to the board), and 4 funnels.

The Large Magnetic Loose Parts Package contains 4 24” chutes, 4 18” chutes, 3 12” chutes, 3 deflectors, 5 funnel rings (all with strong magnets that attach to the board), and 5 funnels.

NOTE: elsewhere in the store is our regular, freestanding art easel which measures 2 feet wide by 4 feet tall, and comes complete with a small shelf at the bottom. If you’re looking for something smaller than our chalk or white walls, please look at the Art Easel with chalk or white panels.

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