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Climbing Arch with Optional Hobbit House

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Brand: Natural Playgrounds Company
Toxicity: child friendly wood preservative
Age Appropriateness: up to 8 years

This is our new Climbing Arch. We were asked to design and build a huge climbing arch for adults in Dubai, and when our customers saw how neat it was, they asked us to come up with a smaller scale version for kids, so here it is!

Great for upper body strength, balance, climbing, jumping, and great for hiding, crawling, and playing under -- a little bit of everything, so this is a very versatile play and learning element! And a great way to get out of the sun.

All natural, all wood so this is a great element for a natural play experience!

Note also the Hobbit House option :))!!

This is a great feature for kids. It gives them a hidey hole and a sense of privacy where they can huddle up with their friends, but because we separate the wood slats so adults and others can “see” into the inside, it’s easy to supervise the kids inside.

The Hobbit House also provides much needed shade on your playground.

The neat thing, is that with the Hobbit House option, this Climbing Arch becomes an element with multiple uses, which makes it a fabulous investment. Kids can be climbing and lying on the outside while kids are huddled inside.

You do need a 6’ fall zone around the Arch, but that fall zone can overlap with other fall zones (except for those around swings and slides).

8’6” long, 3’9” to the top (so not high and not scary), and 3’ wide

Comes already assembled, and with simple installation instructions that recommend mounting in concrete or using short pieces of rebar to anchor it to the ground so it doesn’t tip over!