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Climbing Walls (embankment)

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Brand: Natural Playgrounds Company
Toxicity: child friendly wood preservative
Age Appropriateness: varies

Embankment Climbing Walls are a must-have on any playground.

They offer constant, upper body challenges to children in all stages of physical development, because they have to coordinate their feet and hands to keep themselves balanced as they move up the wall. They also learn to constantly experiment with different climbing techniques, and even to move laterally across the wall because there are many different surface-mounted foot and hand holds.

These Embankment Climbing walls are unique in that they snuggle into hills, and come with tapered sides that provide both vertical and lateral challenges. The lower end of the tapered walls provide less challenging climbing experiences for younger children who can then move to a more challenging climb as they gain confidence. Even toddlers love them!

The Embankment Climbing Walls can be ordered in a variety of sizes to fit any slope height. They are all 4’ wide in the center.

We also make free-standing, single walls, for areas where there is no hill (see picture).

NOTE That , as with all wood products, some shrinkage (which will cause boards to separate from one another), checking, and cracking may appear as the wood dries out. This will not affect the structural integrity of the product, but does provide an excellent learning opportunity for the children. You can help them understand what happens to wood after it is no longer being fed by the tree that grew it.

You are encouraged to sand any rough spots whenever they appear, and retreat them with child friendly preservative (sold in our store).

Kit includes the 3 sections of pre-assembled walls, sit down bars at the top, “deadmen” for anchoring the wall into the hill, all hardware, and easy installation instructions.

Consider the installation of an Embankment Climbing Wall when building or reshaping a hill!

Fall Zone: because the front of the wall is considered a “climber” it needs a fall zone. Please see the section in this store for Retainer Kits for Climbing Walls. It is made to abut the bottom ends of the tapered wing walls, and to provide the required fall zone 6’ away from the center wall.

Each piece comprising the fall zone retainer kit has our famous overlapping, flexible end joint, so the pieces join together and can be fastened to the ground with rebar so the pieces don’t move.

Add this Retainer Kit to your embankment climbing wall order to make the whole installation as easy as it can be!