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Climbing Walls for decks, and free standing

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Brand: Natural
Toxicity: child friendly wood preservative
Age Appropriateness: varies

These Climbing Walls can be free-standing or attached to decks, but we also make Embankment Climbing Walls (see elsewhere in this store).

These are one of the most important play and learning elements you can have on your natural playground. The PM climbing school lists numerous skills inherent to climbing: visual acuity, lateral movement, spatial perception, coordination, muscular strength, emotional control (overcoming fear), commitment (calculating risks of different groups), taking responsibility for safety, problem solving, observation, analysis and method, self-confidence, concentration, and creativity.

As one physical education teacher said: “Climbing is an activity which immediately captures children’s interest and brings them face to face with situations that are motivating but which also demand some kind of thoughtful, planned effort. Climbing provides the opportunity for authentic motor development, play context, a chance to learn how to move past your perceived limitations.”

Free standing Climbing Walls require a 6 foot fall zone all around.

Climbing Walls that are attached to Tree Decks, Watchtowers, or other decks can be made for any height deck.

Wall kits come with a complete set of installation instructions,.

NOTE That , as with all wood products, some shrinkage (which will cause boards to separate from one another), checking, and cracking may appear as the wood dries out. This will not affect the structural integrity of the product, but does provide an excellent learning opportunity for the children. You can help them understand what happens to wood after it is no longer being fed by the tree that grew it.

You are encouraged to sand any rough spots whenever they appear, and retreat them with child friendly preservative (sold in our store).

Although it is not necessary, some people like to fill the cracks with exterior wood putty followed by sanding and treating.

Instructions included. All climbing walls come as kits that require easy, on-site assembly. Legs of free-standing climbing walls are required to be embedded in concrete for stability.

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