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Compost Tumbler


Brand: Good Ideas
Toxicity: 100% recycled material, BPA free
Age Appropriateness: all ages

Our Compost Dueling Tumblers are the perfect answer to composting garden (and kitchen) waste in a small space.

Key to efficient and fast composting is aeration, heat, and moisture. Aeration is easily accomplished because all you have to do is turn the tumbler, and the internal shape of the container helps break up the compost as it drops from one side to the other, thus introducing more air into the mix.

Further, there are 2 separate chambers, so you do not need to wait for one batch to finish before starting a new one!

Lastly, the base also collects about 5 gallons of liquid run-off, and stores it as tea for use as a nutrient infuser for plants.

Our Compost Tumblers are black, a color that readily absorbs heat from the sun, and if you occasionally add a little water to keep the mixture slightly moist, you’ll have compost in no time!

The 8” mouths make it easy to pull compost out of the tumbler with a small shovel or trowel. The cap is easily screwed on or off, and as an added benefit, the totally enclosed container keeps out rodents and other pests.

Our Compost Tumblers are made from 100%, BPA-free, recycled polyethylene, so there is no chance of chemical or other contamination. Their capacity is approximately 7 cubic feet (~55 gallons) and the compost is aerated by the drainage holes on the sides.

The small size size low to the ground means the composter can be turned by children.

One Compost Tumbler will compost waste from a small garden, but if you have a larger garden, or plan on compostng your grass clippings and other landscape clippings as well, we’d recommend you get at least two tumblers.

To help the Compost Tumbler weather freezing temperatures better, we strongly recommend completely emptying the barrel in the late fall.

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