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Crawl Tunnels

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Brand: Natural Playgrounds Company
Toxicity: child friendly wood preservative
Age Appropriateness: infants and toddlers

Kids love crawling under or through things, so this is a perfect natural play element for toddlers and preschoolers.

The 24" Crawl Through Tunnel is large enough that it's inviting, and short enough at 24" that it's easy to see really young children who are inside, or to reach in and tickle them if they're looking for attention.

The larger, 4’ Crawl Through Tunnel is great for giving older kids a longer crawl-through experience.

The Crawl Through Tunnel is heavy enough the children won’t move it around on their own, but it’s light enough that one or two adults can easily move it to the desired location. This is a great feature, because your needs may change, or if you’re trying to create a challenging situation for children, you can move the tunnel around to your heart’s content.

Note that we’ve created it so that no part of the tunnel is a standing surface, so there is no need for a fall zone around it!

This play element could be paired with the log hurdles and stepping stumps to make a small challenge course for kids.

Because these are so inexpensive, think about buying more than one that you can either join together, or have in different parts of your Natural Playground.

All natural wood, treated with child-friendly preservative.

Easy to move around (well, if you have a few muscles, that is :)