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Crawl Under Net

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Brand: Natural
Toxicity: non-toxic
Age Appropriateness: all ages

The Crawl Under Net requires a simple challenge exercise: getting down on your stomach and using your elbows, arms, and upper and abdominal body strength, together with your legs and feet to propel yourself forward on the ground and under the net. Sort of like a snake!

Should you be so brave as to combine this activity with a mud pit, you are truly pushing the envelope in wanting to put your competitors through a very grueling, messy, mouth sputtering, but hilariously funny challenge.

This net can be made almost any width, except past a certain point, a mid-support may be needed to prevent sagging. Also, the Crawl Under Net can be mounted as a permanent or temporary challenge element.

Price is for a 10’ x 12’ net 16” off the ground at the edges.