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Fallen Tree

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Brand: Natural
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The Fallen Tree is one of those unique elements that keeps on giving!

The tree section we offer is usually about 12-15’ long, and we try to keep the overall measurements within an 8’x8’ volume, because we want the branches to be as long as possible so the kids can climb out on them, hang from them, and so on, but still fit with normal shipping guidelines.

There is no way to predict exactly what your Fallen Log will look like, as every single tree is different, with its branches being sized differently and located in different places, and with its trunk diameter being different, but we can assure you that it will be beautiful, and that you and your children (no matter what their age!!) will be very happy with it!!!

To make sure it lasts a long time on your playground (or in your yard), we strip the bark, sand the really rough spots, and then treat it with our fabulous new product that almost petrifies the outermost layers of the wood, so moisture neither leaves nor enters the dead tree.

This pretty much stops the decay process, or at least slows it waaaaay down, so your kids will enjoy this feature for a very long time, which makes it an extremely worthwhile investment!

So let’s talk about fall zones. Depending on lots of things, you may or may not “need” a fall zone. Technically, this is a climber, and climbers typically need a fall zone under them and then 6’ out from their perimeters, all the way around.

However, because there are no standing surfaces on this element (defined as a 2” square, flat surface within 30º of horizontal) because the trunk and branches are usually round, you may not be “required” to have one -- or you could certainly present that argument.

Frankly, we think the playground safety gurus have gone way overboard in mandating safety requirements that remove every bit of risk from playgrounds (and they agree that they have gone overboard, by the way), so that kids grow up not knowing how to manage risk!

So we think that you might want to install this Fallen Tree without a fall zone, and let the kids play on it for a while. Then make a decision based on whether you think the few, fun risks encountered by the children will add to their sense of self, and help them learn more about managing their bodies in space.

By the way, no need to anchor this tree. It’ll be very heavy, and not even a team of kids could move it anywhere. And speaking of heavy, you’ll need a piece of equipment to move it!

But man, is it worth it, or what??!!

By the way, we have sometimes seen these referred to as Sideways Trees, but our price is far, far less expensive!!