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Fencing (1 rail)

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Brand: Natural Playgrounds Company
Toxicity: child friendly wood preservative
Age Appropriateness: infants and toddlers

If your Natural Playground is along roadways and parking lots, we understand that some kind of sturdy, metal 4’ high or higher fencing is usually required (most usually, it's chain link), but for heaven's sake, don't put that same, ugly, cage-like fencing inside your Natural Playground!

There are way too many other, more beautiful, more natural options. Children merely need a barrier, not a cage, so our several fencing options offer the perfect answer.

Shown here is our simple single Rail Fence. It meets all the ASTM/CPSC requirements but looks a whole lot nicer because it's low to the ground and not intrusive, and children can easily see other children and surroundings so they don’t feel totally confined and isolated.

The neat thing about this low Rail Fence, is that teachers can step right over it. No need to find a gate, open it, lock it behind you while you’re carrying a child! At the same time, it provides a visual barrier that children respect.

The fence can also accommodate a small gate, which we can also provide.
We sand all 4 sides of everything so that you have no worries about your children getting splinters. We also treat all our wood with kid-friendly wood preservative so it will last longer!

24” high, round posts are cut at an angle on top so there are no standing surfaces, the top rail is ~18" high off the ground, and each section is 48" (4 feet) long so you can easily make curves, reverse curves, s-curves, and so on.

Sufficient end and middle posts are included if you purchase more than one section!

The 2 posts that come with a single section are 5’ long so they can be buried in the ground. We always recommend that posts be buried in concrete, up to 3-4’ deep anywhere in the country where the ground freezes. In other climates, 24” into the ground with concrete is fine!

If you are in the northern part of the country where frost and freezing ground is an issue, we can provide longer posts. Just let us know.

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