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Fort (inground)

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Brand: Natural Playgrounds Company
Age Appropriateness:

There is nothing more exciting to kids than a playground Fort, and ours is meant to be installed into a hill (or mountain :)

This in-ground playground fort can be as deep as you want, but typically we make them to be 18” deep down to the top of the fall zone material.

Small kids can crawl out of that, big kids can, too. But if you want it deeper, or if you want to help the smaller kids get out easier, buy one or two of our stepping stumps, like an 8” high one, and a 10” high one to make steps inside the fort.

One the fort’s in place, you can add a tall post with a flag on it to make the experience more imaginary, or if you would like, we can make that post for you (just ask).

Typically our octagonal forts are 8’ across. We also offer one that’s ~12’ across from flat to flat. if you need one of a different size, just ask!

This Playground Fort is essentially in a hole in the ground, so it does need to be drained, but that’s easy to do., especially if you’re building a hill around it!

Just put a piece of perforated pipe in the bottom under the fall zone material, and run it out to the side so it “drains to daylight.”