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Funnel Stand

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Brand: Natural Playgrounds Company
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Our Funnel Stand is a really simple play element, but is a great visual, and cause-and-effect teaching element.

The different-sized funnels also have different-sized spouts, which means that materials will flow through them slowly or quickly depending on the sizes of the holes, so it'll be a game trying to keep the funnel full!

Then kids will try plugging the hole (like plugging the dike :) to keep the sand in, and then they'll open it up just a little bit and watch the sand trickle out.

Sand is what kids typically use because the particles are fine enough that it has flow characteristics similar to water -- except it builds up in piles under the funnel instead of flowing all over the ground!

So -- this means several things are going to happen. One, is that kids will learn about slump. Slump is the cone-shaped pile that ends up under the funnel. Very viscous materials, such as sand, have a shallow slump, which means the pile spreads out more, wheras less viscous materials have higher slumps (steeper slopes), such as wet sand.

Once the material flows through the funnel, kids will also want to collect it in cups, their hands, trucks, etc.

This is a very simple, inexpensive play element that can teach your children many things!

Comes with simple installation instructions.