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Gold Miner’s Sluiceway (4 ft long w 2 supports)

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Brand: Natural Playgrounds
Toxicity: child friendly wood preservative
Age Appropriateness: all ages

This Gold Miner’s Sluiceway is another version of a sluiceway that offers a different experience because the surface area of the sluice is flat and wider than on the real Log Sluiceway, which allows kids to explore different concepts about water flow.

Shown here are two sections of the 6’ long Gold Miner’s Sluiceway (each section is sold separately) plus our Famous, completely sealed, stainless steel pump which is NOT included!

Water always tries to find the lowest level, so even with the slight incline of our Gold Miner’s Sluiceway, water will flow downhill, so anything the kids put in its pathway will affect the flow. For instance, if the kids spread a little sand on the sluice, the water will build up behind it until there is enough “head” (pressure) against the back side of the sand that it finally breaks through.

Or if they take small pieces of wood and place them on the flat sluice, and then angle and offset them, the water will flow around them in the path the children design.

Children also love to put other things in the path of the water to see what happens, or to watch items float down with the movement of the water.

We call this the Gold Miner’s Sluiceway, because gold miners used to use a flat sluice box to extract gold from placer deposits. Placer deposits are the heavy materials remaining after water has washed away the lighter materials. In gold mining days, heavier materials in streams would include small rocks and other debris.

The sluice was constructed with “riffles” (depressions) in the bottom, so that the REALLY heavy materials (such as gold and other dense materials) would drop into the riffles, while the lighter rocks and other less dense materials (the “tailings”) would wash down and out the bottom of the sluice.

So though it’s unlikely your children will find gold :), they will learn that if they put a handful of dirt/sand/pebbles on the sluiceway, the lighter materials will wash away leaving the heavier ones sitting there! Cause and effect! Discovery! Fabulous!

NOTE: Water needs a slope to flow/move. The minimum slope is to tip the sluice 1/4 of an inch for every foot of length. So for the 6 foot sluice, you would need to tip it so the end furthest from the pump is about 1 1/2 inches lower. On flat land, the slope can be created by angling the sluice, or, if the land is already sloped, that slope can be followed to create the proper angle. If your site is flat, one or possibly two sluices can be installed depending on how high your pump is to begin with.

Our Gold Miner’s Sluiceway is made of one six foot (6') long 12” wide board (with 2 supports). If you purchase more than one sluiceway, they can be offset vertically to create a slight waterfall which gives the entire water play area a lot more character (see paragraph above). See the attached pictures.

Comes with installation instructions.

Please don't hesitate to call if you want us to make you a sluiceway that is customized for width, length, and number of drops. NOTE: Water needs a slope to flow/move, so on flat land, the slope can be created by angling the sluices, or, if the land is already sloped, that slope can be followed to create the proper angle. If your site is flat, a one, or possibly two, section sluice can be installed.

If you want one of our waterwheels at the end of the sluiceway, we may be able to install it depending on the beginning height and desired slope of the sluiceway.


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