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Toxicity: non-toxic
Age Appropriateness: adult

Hammocks are fabulous for a number of reasons: they're a great place to sit and relax during a quiet time, they're great for cuddling with children (or even with a significant other :), they're wonderfully relaxing, they're not hard so they don't push against your skin, and they sway very gently and rock you to sleep.

What a wonderful way to spend a lazy afternoon.

Believe it or not, it is very hard to find small, spreader bar hammocks for kids, so we’ve had to settle on one that’s about 6’ 6” long, and 37” wide.

We rationalized it this way. Most kids who are able to climb into a hammock, say at 3, or maybe 4 years old, have a hand span of about 39”, so that’s perfect!!!

And those kids are close to 40” tall, so they’d have about 18” of hammock at the bottom and top, so no big deal, right?

Also, keep in mind that more than one child at a time can easily fit on this hammock, which makes for great companionship, great cuddling, and collaboration because they have to work together to stay on the hammock. However, there is a weight limit of 240 pounds, so the whole class can’t get on it!!

Lastly, having 6-1/2’ of hammock means that there’s plenty of room for kids to grow into it, but more importantly, adults can use it, too! With kids on the hammock with them, or all by themselves!!! What a great way to get a break in the middle of a stressful day :)

Hammocks are made of soft cotton, so it’s quick drying, and each end has a hardwood spreader bar to keep the hammock from cocooning around the children. The ends each have a braided attachment rope.

If you're in a childcare setting, your hammock can be mounted low to the ground which reduces the fall heights for children. (You may actually find several children on your hammock just when you want to lie down and relax!)

Hammocks may be ordered with support posts, if you need them, or they may be hung between two trees, a tree and one free-standing post, or a porch post, etc.

If you want 2 hammocks and one center post, add on 3 posts; if you want 3 hammocks with one center post, add on 4 posts.

Again, the material is cotton, so it should not be left out in the elements or it may get moldy, and in in northern climates, it should definitely not be left outdoors in the winter!

Hammock size is 78” long x 37” wide, with blue, black, and gray stripes. If it is fully/tightly stretched out, it measures 110” (9’-2”) from loop to loop.

Comes with safety/adjustment chain on each end, and 4 caribiners.

If you’re mounting the hammock between trees, please do not damage the tree by drilling a hole in the tree for a lag eye, or something else like that. Wrap a rope or straps around the tree, and attach the hammock caribiners to that.