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Hurdle Runs

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Brand: Natural
Toxicity: child friendly wood preservative
Age Appropriateness: all ages

The Hurdle Runs present challenges for all age groups, so we size them accordingly.

can be designed for any length. A little too high to step over, means that users need to jump over the top.

By increasing the spacing on the hurdles, runners might be able to work in a couple of running steps that allow them to leap over the top, one after the other.

This design is completely flexible in a number of ways, from increasing the distance between the hurdles, to making the run wider or narrower, to raising or lowering the height of the hurdles.

Pricing is for 6, 24” wide x 18” high hurdles @ 36” o.c..

Please let us know the age group you have in mind, and we will design this Hurdle Run accordingly. Comes with complete installation instructions.

For schools and public playgrounds, a fall zone might be required.