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Labyrinth DIY Templates 3 to 9 circuits

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Brand: Natural Playgrounds Company
Toxicity: Biodegradable paper
Age Appropriateness: toddlers

We've found that Labyrinths are extremely therapeutic "play" elements, especially for children with attention difficulties, so we always include Labyrinths in our designs. They also help teachers handle children who might be stressed from an incident at home or in the classroom. An invitation for them to "walk the labyrinth" often results in a more peaceful state of mind, and a calmer approach to new problems and issues.

Keep in mind that a labyrinth is NOT a maze, and that you can't get lost in a labyrinth. First of all, it's flat. There are no walls or other physical barriers. A labyrinth is merely a circuitous route to the center of the labyrinth (which is sometimes seen as the center of your inner thoughts, or of the world, or of the universe) and back, and is NOT difficult to navigate.

Walking a labyrinth helps achieve a contemplative state, because while walking along the back-and-forth route, children lose track of direction and of the outside world, and thus become quiet of mind. (Churches often sponsor labyrinth walks for this very reason).

Our labyrinths are easy to install by children and adults. Once a flat base is prepared (directions are included), all you do is lay out the full-sized template, lay the brick on top following the printed pattern, and fill in between the bricks with path material. The template is biodegradable, and gets absorbed into the soil (out of your sight) after a short period.

Making the labyrinth is a fun-filled, easy challenge with fairly quick results.

Paths are typically made of compacted stone dust or hard pack, or sod. Separators are usually made using bricks buried with edges up (creating a 2" wide path separator), but they can also be made with earth berms, flower beds, rocks, or anything you'd like, which is largely determined by the available area.

Instructions and biodegradable template only; no materials are included.

Images shown are of different-sized labyrinths.

Sizes available:
• 3 circuit for kids up to 3 or 4: 10’ diameter, occupies area of 100 SF
• 5 circuit for kids up to 5 or 6: 16’ diameter, occupies area of 256 SF
• 7 circuit for kids up to 10-11: 20’ diameter, occupies area of 400 SF
• 9 circuit for kids up to 13-15: 27’ diameter, occupies area of 729 SF
• 12 circuit for older kids and adults: 42’ diameter, occupies area of 1764 SF. This is the Chartres Cathedral labyrinthi