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Leapfrog Posts

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Brand: Natural Playgrounds Company
Toxicity: child friendly wood preservative
Age Appropriateness: all ages

Children rarely have the opportunity to practice leapfrogging any more!

When we put these Leapfrog Posts on our Natural Playgrounds, children are not quite sure how to prepare their bodies for the leap, where to place their hands, what to do with their bodies, what to do with their momentum, how to swing through the movement, or how to land, so this is really a must have if you want your children to learn about themselves and their capabilities.

This is a great activity for upper body strength, hand/eye coordination. fitness, and agility.

This used to be a basic play activity "back in the day," but there are so few opportunities to try this out any more, that kids have no idea how to do it.

Once they learn to leapfrog, they keep doing it over and over again, as there is a constant challenge of being faster and better.

The height of the Leapfrog Posts can be changed to appeal to all age groups; this is a highly recommended fitness course activity, or challenge course activity, that strengthens little used muscles and helps with coordination, balance, and general movement.

Posts have beveled tops and extensions for stabilizing underground. Designed to be installed in concrete (or in packed fill or drainage stone) with a 9-12” deep fall zone.

Price includes set of 6 leap frog posts and simple installation instructions.