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Listening Tubes

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Brand: Natural Playgrounds Company
Toxicity: child friendly wood preservative
Age Appropriateness: all ages

We can’t tell you how unique this element is. It’s just fabulous, one of a kind, but simple, and endlessly instructive!

Sound Tubes help children hear natural sounds in the environment. The Tubes respond just like a shell being held to an ear, except that the different tube lengths isolate different types of sounds -- even when they’re aimed in the same direction!

The Sound Tubes are on a pivot so they can be aimed toward any area that has sounds, such as children playing or birds singing, so when kids put their ear up to the tubes, they’ll hear isolated sounds of different pitches depending on the lengths of the tubes.

The Sound Tubes will give endless pleasure to children, because what comes through the tubes is always different, and therefore always surprising and always fascinating. (Kids can also speak into the tubes, and look through them like binoculars!).

If ever you’re looking for a way to discuss the way in which sound travels, or what it consists of, this "instrument" is the perfect learning tool! And what a great way for children to learn how to isolate and identify the different sounds in their environments!

Four tubes are of different lengths, and are mounted side-by-side on a pivot.

Includes simple assembly and installation instructions.

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