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Little Library and Storage

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Brand: Natural Playgrounds Company
Toxicity: child friendly wood preservative
Age Appropriateness: all ages

This little sharing box is a fabulous addition to any playground or school ground, or home. Its large but cozy size makes it fabulous for use as a little lending library of books or art, or, if you remove the middle shelf, it’s a fabulous storage box on a post!

All the wood is treated with a child friendly preservative, inside and out. In addition to the base/floor of the box, there is a second shelf, and the clear door makes it easy to see what’s inside without having to open it up and rummage around.

There are two, strong roller closers that hold the door shut, even in strong winds, and the handle is built into the edge of the door so there is nothing to break off or come loose.

The best part is that the support post comes with this little library, unlike all the other little libraries you find on the Internet.

The library comes preassembled, the post is easy to attach through the floor of the box, and all hardware is included as are installation instructions.

This is an unbelievably cute, gnomelike book/toy/game/sundries storage on a post, and will make a wonderful addition to your playground or your school, or even your home!