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Log Benches

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Brand: Natural Playgrounds
Toxicity: child friendly wood preservative
Age Appropriateness: all ages

Children want places to sit and look at a bug, to lean against, to talk with friends, or to just watch what's going on in the playground.

Teachers also love comfortable places to sit and watch what's going on, or to sit with their "buddies," or to console a child.

Log Benches made from real, whole logs, are particularly attractive features as they blend in with the natural theme yet are practical and low cost.

The very beautiful-looking, 48” long Milled Log Benches are debarked, milled top and bottom so they rest flat on the ground, and there is a flat top for sitting. They are then sanded and treated with child-friendly preservative that should be reapplied 2-3 times/year (you can use a garden sprayer). They are typically about 15” high.

For the whole log benches, bark will likely still be on the log, so children can see and study bark up close, try to identify the type of tree, and play with its texture. The bench also gives off the wonderful, natural smell of wood, and as it ages, the bark will slough off and expose the smooth surface of the tree wood beneath.

Logs used in the benches are treated when they leave our shop, and should be treated with a good child-friendly preservative 2-3 times/year to keep them from drying out. Logs are typically about 8" diameter, 48" long, and when mounted on the bases, are 10-16" tall (depending on requested height). Bench for toddlers is 10" height. Ages 2+ would be 14-16" height.

Whole Log Bench comes as a three-piece kit. No installation is required; sit on it as soon as you get it!

Two, separate Whole Log Benches are shown in the photo. The price is for a single Log Bench.

These Whole Log Benches may be fixed to the ground, so order accordingly.

During the season when the bark is “tight,” we will probably make the decision to keep it on. However, should it arrive on your premises without bark, it’s because It was cut during the “loose bark” season, and therefore subject to shipping damage.

For those of you who want a long-lasting, glossy, clear marine finish, we offer that option for any bench that is debarked, so if you want this, you also have to order the debarking.