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Log Mazes

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Brand: Natural Playgrounds Company
Toxicity: non-toxic
Age Appropriateness: all ages

A Log Maze is a fabulous addition to any play and learning area!

The reason? It brings kids in touch with real logs with real bark and all the related, wonderful smells of the forest, and it becomes the center of all kinds of different activities!

You can arrange them in various configurations (see the images below), so kids can sit on them, walk on them, lean against them, run around, up, and over them, and so on, so they are an endless source of fun and learning.

The small Log Maze kit comes with three 12” diameter x 8’ long logs and two 4 foot long anchor posts so you can partially bury them in the ground. We also offer a larger Log Maze with 5 logs and 3 anchor posts, which you can see in the second image.

So here’s the neat part.

With both the small and large kits, we include a wood auger bit and long fasteners. This gives you the option of arranging these logs in any way you can imagine, and that fits your space!

If you decide to purchase additional logs, each comes with a long lag screw so you can fasten it to an existing anchor log post or to another log.

To increase the number of configurations, you can also purchase additional anchor log posts. These posts are 3’ long logs with extensions that can be anchored to the ground with concrete.

Five 24” long lag screws are included with the 3 Log Maze, 9 with the 5 Log Maze, and you can purchase additional ones if needed.

NOTE If you call these sitting logs, exploratory logs, a maze to walk through, or etc, and not balance or walking logs, then you can probably get away with not installing a fall zone around them.

After all, if a child trips and falls, this maze is ground-based, with the bottom logs lying right on the ground, so there is little to no chance the child will get hurt.