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Low Hurdle (set of 5)

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Brand: Natural Playgrounds Company
Toxicity: child friendly wood preservative
Age Appropriateness: all ages

These Hurdles are perfect for building agility, coordination, and speed. Great for fitness runs!

The Low Hurdle is at 18” high, and can withstand lots of abuse (kids standing on them, kicking them during a run, etc.), but they can also be used to sit on :)

The Middle Hurdle is 24” high, but the posts are longer, so these can be raised up even more for older kids/adults.

The idea, of course, is to run through the 5 hurdle course faster and faster, which forces fabulous eye-leg coordination, and helps the poorly fit to gain control over their movements.

As simple as it looks, there’s a lot that has to come together with this exercise: you’re running forward, you have to time the lift off just right to go over the hurdle, you’re also jumping up while moving forward, so your body has to lean forward so your momentum carries you over the hurdle, and then you have to land while maintaining forward movement.

Very simple, but very challenging

Kids of all ages love this easy activity, and they don’t know how much they’re learning about their bodies until after they’ve run the hurdles a few times, and then they’ll wonder why they were so intimidated by it.

For the physically challenged, this is a great ice breaker.

If you want a longer run (highly recommended), order a double set!