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Magnifying Station

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Brand: Natural Playgrounds Company
Toxicity: child friendly wood preservative
Age Appropriateness: all ages

This brand new, science learning element is designed to help children understand and better connect with nature.

The indestructible magnifying glass gives kids 5x magnification. That means that whatever they hold under the glass will be enlarged 5 times!! so they see everything in great detail!

They’ll be able to see the small veins in a leaf, the hairs on spiders’ legs, cobweb strands, particles of sand that’ll look like small pebbles, the cells in their own skin, essentially everything with a fresh eye.

The reason we designed a cantilever arm is so kids can put big things under it. Compare this fabulous feature to other magnifiers, all of which offer a very limited viewing area that children can’t even get their hands under!

Don’t delay! Get this inexpensive, fabulous science tool immediately, and watch your children be amazed as they run all over the playground finding different things to investigate.

You might need more than one :))

Cedar frame around the magnifier, kid-friendly treated post can be installed into the ground with no concerns about longevity, or if you want, we can make the magnifier free standing and portable so you can bring it inside whenever the occasion warrants.

The instrument is made for outdoor use.

Easy installation instructions included!