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Mallets (set of 2)

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Brand: Natural Playgrounds Company
Toxicity: non-toxic
Age Appropriateness: all ages

These Mallets are a must if you have instruments on your playground that require striking, such as bass drums, gongs, pipes, and wooden xylophones.

We offer two choices:

The smaller, lighter weight mallets are made with birch dowel handles, so they’re tough but also have some nice give to them.

The heads are relatively soft rubber, so when a musical instrument is struck, the sound is a beautiful mellow tone that gets even louder and better when the strike is more firm, so children can experiment with tones, volume, and variety of sounds generated.

Also, the soft rubber heads make them safer around children!

These Mallets look great, too. The Head size is a full 1” and the handle is 3/8” in diameter, so it’s easy to hold. The length of the mallet is 13”

The other mallets are much heavier duty, with a large, 8 oz rubber head, and 5/8” round wooden handles. These are excellent for getting the most sound out of any of our pipe instruments (Pedestal Pipes, Musical Fence) and the wooden Xylophone. If any of you have PVC pipe instruments on your playground, these would be excellent for those, too.

We keep the prices low, because we know kids will misplace these mallets, so it’s OK to stock up with a few extra!

Prices are is per pair, sold in pairs.

Do NOT buy these for use on the Hank Drum, as it will chip the clearcoat and paint below it, which will then lead to rust, and they will bend the tongues!!!

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