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Mirror Balls

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Brand: Natural Playgrounds Company
Age Appropriateness:

These 8” shiny, indestructible, stainless steel Mirror Balls are perfectly wonderful, outdoor play features for young children.

Babies spend long periods of time "talking" to their reflections in these Mirror Balls, and then begin recognizing themselves at about the age of two. These activities eventually help children to be more aware of themselves (self-recognition and self-discovery), the way they move, and of what's going on around them. There is no other way infants and toddlers can get these visual-perceptual experiences!

Quite aside from the learning aspect of a reflective surface, these Mirror Balls roll around freely, are not heavy (so they are completely safe), make letters look funny and illegible, confuse left and right, can project bright sources of light on other services, and are always a source of mystery, no matter how old the children.

They also constantly challenge our ability to integrate reflections with the real things.

These beautiful, polished, stainless steel Mirror Balls are ready to go, out-of-the-box!

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