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Natural Playground Maintenance Manual

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Brand: Natural Playgrounds Company
Toxicity: non-toxic
Age Appropriateness: all ages

Maintaining natural features on playgrounds is difficult -- there are no two ways about it!

It's difficult for several reasons, but the most challenging one is the amount of use it gets every day during the school year.

This obviously has an impact on everything on your playground, from the play elements, to the fall zone material, to the trees and shrubs, and to the grass.

We have been building natural playgrounds for 10 years, and throughout that time, we have discovered all kinds of maintenance secrets, including the maintenance techniques that will keep your grass growing and looking good on your playground all year long!! (well, except of course, during the winter months in the north).

You and your facilities staff are going to love our simple maintenance techniques and the profound impact they'll have on keeping your natural playground natural and beautiful!

In our manual, we cover maintenance for the following:
• items built out of wood
• play and learning elements made out of real
• sand play areas
• grass
• fall zones
• misting systems
• concrete
• painted items
• surface water and drainage
• seasonal to do's

The Maintenance Manual is in a PDF format that may be downloaded.