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Notched Log Stepper


Brand: Natural Playgrounds Company
Toxicity: child friendly wood preservative
Age Appropriateness: all ages

This Notched Log Stepper is one of the neatest natural play elements on a Natural Playground. If you're looking for climbing and/or balance challenges for children - of all ages -- these log steppers are perfect!

These can be used as shown in the picture - as stairways/ladders, in which case a fall zone is required around both the stepper and the platform to which it is attached.

But we also often use these on slopes as steps where they create a unique "stair" that kids really love because it's a different kind of climbing experience. And if used in this way, because it's a balance challenge, it does not require any railing (or fall zone)!

Children learn about trees up close: bark textures, colors, growth rings, how ring sizes change with diagonal cuts, and how to hug a tree!
And because it's a unique application, it's intriguing in and of its own right!

Notched Log Steppers can vary in shape and size. Typical Stepper is 10' long. The angles of the tread and riser cuts may be adjusted to meet your steep or shallow application.

Notched log Stepper, sometimes called Notched Log Stair, comes peeled of bark, and treated with child-friendly preservative.

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