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Pavement Game Templates

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Brand: Natural Playgrounds Company
Toxicity: non-toxic
Age Appropriateness: all ages

There is LOTS of pavement EVERYwhere.

Driveways, walkways, parking lots, and even some playgrounds have hard asphalt or concrete surfaces that should be put to use!

So -- we’ve come up with several templates you can use to transfer the games onto your pavement.

The best way to make the transfer is to:

• thoroughly sweep and wash clean the pavement where you want to transfer the template
• let it dry thoroughly

In the meantime:

• use an Xacto or other sharp blade to cut out the black lines (leaving the white bridges) or cut small rectangular holes along both sides of the wide black template lines to make dotted lines. Once the stencil is cut, it will be fragile, so be careful moving it. Or -- anywhere it looks weak or like a tear point, tape it!

The other option, is to use 2” clear packing tape over the white bridges, so when you cut, you’ll be cutting out some of the tape, but leaving tape on the remaining paper.


• hold the template in place with lots of kids or bricks, then
• vigorously shake a can of field marking paint (it comes in many colors from Lowes, Home Depot, any hardware store)
• spray STRAIGHT DOWN along the holes you just cut, but MAKE SURE that you hold the paper tightly against the pavement so the paint doesn’t spray up under the paper. The paint comes out with a strong burst of air, which will lift the paper, so just beware.
• as an alternative, if you don’t ,mind thinner lines, you could tape the paper to the pavement, or you could cut the lines wider, and then tape the paper
• remove the paper (and tape, if you used it) -- try to do it carefully so you can re-use the template if the paint wears away
• use a wide paint brush and the same color paint to neatly connect the dotted lines. OR
• If you wanted to tape the edges outside the dotted lines, then once it’s all taped, you could use the same spray paint to paint the lines

If you’ve oversprayed and made a mess outside the lines, you can tape the PAINTED line in those areas, and spray outside with a paint that matches the asphalt or concrete :)