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Photo Wall


Brand: Natural Playgrounds Company
Toxicity: child friendly wood preservative
Age Appropriateness: all ages

The Photo Wall will be a fabulous addition to your playground, because you can take photos of all your children, and then mount the 4x6 photos horizontally in this outdoor wall, so kids can show their parents and each other photos of themselves!

How exciting is that!

The Photo Wall provides a great way to encourage children to socialize, practice visual and memory skills, and talk about each other in good ways.

You can use this wall in an outdoor classroom for mounting photos or single page brochures you want kids to take a look at.

If you’ve ever seen teenagers take smart phone pictures of themselves, and then show themselves that same picture seconds later, you know how this works -- and why children will LOVE to see their pictures on this Photo Wall!

Photo Wall can be mounted any height, so it can be comfortable for every age group. Mounting panel is 4’ wide, 3’ high, so plenty of room for 4x6 horizontal photos!

Easy installation instructions included!

PS: Typically this is installed permanently in the ground, but it can be mounted to a wall, or made as a free-standing element that can be inside in your hallway!

Just let us know!