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Portable Outdoor Desk

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Brand: Natural Playgrounds Company
Toxicity: child friendly wood preservative
Age Appropriateness: preschool

This unique Portable Outdoor Desk is the absolutely perfect solution to creating more formal outdoor classrooms that can be moved at will.

Kids just pick up these light desks, and go wherever the teacher wants to set up an outdoor classroom that provides a writing surface for children.

The desk is made with weatherproof materials, so it can be left outdoors any length of time, and used in all seasons. If it needs to be stored away, it easily comes apart and will fit into a small box. It is made so that even small children can assemble and disassemble the Portable Desk.

These days with more and more emphasis on kids being outside and taking classrooms outside for all kinds of subjects, these Portable Desks make it very easy to re-create the more formal feeling of an organized indoor classroom, but the kids would be outside (where they should be anyway)!

Combine these desks with our portable, fold-up easel, and you have a win-win situation that can’t be beat!

These desks are extremely affordable, so for a few hundred dollars, it makes it very easy to create an outdoor classroom that can be permanently set up in the woods, or under the shade of trees, or anywhere else in your outdoor space -- or in your backyard! -- and then you can just leave it there for the next class to use.

And if you’re trying to create an outdoor living space at home in your backyard, and feel that your children need to have their learning space a little bit more formal, this Portable Desk will make them feel like they’re in a real classroom, but they’d be outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine.

What better way to encourage your children to get serious about learning than to bridge the reality gap between a formal indoor classroom with regular desks, and learning outside, with a portable desk in a beautiful outdoor setting?

These are really incredible pieces of outdoor furniture measuring 24” high, 14” wide, and 24” long when assembled. When disassembled, it fits into a 4” x 14” x 24” box that weighs only 15 pounds!

AND they can be stained different colors, or decorated such as with the eyes :) If you want us to do this for you, you can order it, or you (and your kids) can obviously do this yourselves.

Perfect for up to 7 year olds and younger. Larger size available for kids up to 14; folds up into a box, as well, and weighs 20 pounds.

If kids are in wheelchairs, merely turn the acrylic panel support 180º so it slopes away from the desk, and kids can roll up to the front side of it to use it, or they can take the top right off, and use it in their laps!

Bulk purchases earn a significant discount!!

PS The idea for this Portable Desk came from the creative mind of Rich, one of our talented shop crew members!!