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Pull up bar for infants


Brand: Natural Playgrounds
Toxicity: child friendly wood preservative
Age Appropriateness: all ages

This cute, low, Infant Pull-Up Bar is the perfect feature to have in your infant/child play area.

At various stages during their development, children will be looking for ways to pull themselves up to a standing position, which is exactly what these bars are intended to provide.

They are located low to the ground so by either pulling themselves up by the posts, or having your assistance to stand near the post while they grab the bar, they can hang on and feel like they are finally able to be upright!

If you do a series of these in a row (which is possible because these are very inexpensive items), and especially if you make each one go in a different direction, the kids will be able to “walk” along the bars while holding onto them.

Great for learning how to walk, balance, momentarily stand without help, and so on.

These are sanded very smooth and are very easy to install!

Typically bars are mounted 12” above the walking surface.