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Rope Climb

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Brand: Natural Playgrounds Company
Toxicity: child friendly wood preservative
Age Appropriateness: all ages

Rope climbing has all kinds of applications, and exercises the body in many unique ways.

Price is for 10’ high x 8’ wide SINGLE rope pull permanently mounted in the ground.

All the muscles in the upper body are exercised as your hands reach up, grab the rope, and pull you up. Your hand and finger muscles are exercised with a constant gripping and releasing of the rope, all of your leg muscles are utilized by the gripping and releasing of the rope, and if you push yourself up using your feet, and if you climb in the pike position, all the abdominals come in to play.

This element is excellent for all age groups, as we can vary the height of the crossbar and therefore the length of the rope. Typically, we use rope 1.25 inch in diameter so that it cannot be made into a 3 inch loop, which is against safety regulations, and we tether it at the bottom.

The main picture shows the way we typically construct this item; the other photos show other options we can build depending on your needs.

There are essentially five ways to climb a rope:
• using hands only,
• using hands and feet,
• in the pike position (legs out to one side as though you’re sitting),
• climbing with a weight (backpack, hip belt, ankle weights, pocket full of rocks :-), and the
• bounce climb (reach the top, descend, and back up without touching the floor. This technique is especially good if the rope is short. (For a great workout, do this as many times as possible.)

Using hands and feet is the standard technique for climbing a rope. Grab the rope with both hands, cross your legs so the rope is sandwiched between the top of one foot and the sole of the other so you can grip the rope any time, then pull up with alternating hands. To descend, grip or release the rope between your feet as necessary, and come down hand over hand.

This comes as a kit. Complete installation instructions are, of course, included.

Option to order with 2 ropes.