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Rope Climbs

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Brand: Natural Playgrounds Company
Toxicity: child friendly wood preservative
Age Appropriateness: all ages

Rope climbing has all kinds of applications, and exercises the body in many unique ways.

Price is for a 37 inches wide by 8 foot long, single rope pull permanently mounted in the ground, but lengths up to 16 feet are available, longer on request.

All the muscles in the upper body, hands, core, and legs are involved once the child grabs the rope and tries to pull their body up the incline while also trying to walk on the slope, especially because the hands are constantly changing positions as child moves up the rope and up the incline.

This element is excellent for all age groups, as we can vary the length of the footboard, and the steepness can be varied as well. Typically, we use rope 1.25 inch in diameter (so that it cannot be made into a 3 inch loop, which is against safety regulations), and then we tether the rope at the bottom, and at the top, knot it on the back side of the post.

The main picture shows the way we typically construct this item; this particular run is approximately 8 feet long, but we can vary this length depending on your incline.

We recommend installing this at about a 30º angle.

The Rope Climb comes as a kit. Complete installation instructions are, of course, included.