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Sensory Box

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Brand: Natural Playgrounds Company
Toxicity: child friendly wood preservative
Age Appropriateness: preschool

A Sensory Box (sometimes called a texture box) has a visually obscured opening so that the only way a child can learn what's inside the box, is to reach in and feel the material, and then use their imaginations together with what they know about the world, to identify, and put a name on, what they feel.

This is one of the most challenging ways in which a child can engage all of her/his senses in trying to figure out what's in the box. The neat thing about this, is that prior to reaching in the box, they probably never had to integrate their sense of touch, fine motor manipulation, imagination, memory, and deductive reasoning to make a decision about whether they're feeling sand, or wood shavings, or birdseed, or dried beans, or grass, or shaving cream, or Jell-O, or sandpaper, or marbles, or whatever it is you choose to put in the box.

Keep in mind that some children have difficulty experiencing and integrating new sensations, so several short sessions might be preferable until they adjust to a new texture.

Sometimes, children even take over placing things in the box in order to challenge their friends to a game of discovery.

The roof is covered with cedar shingles and is removable, so it's easy to change materials and easy to clean out the box. The removable top also helps children with difficulties to see where their hand is going and what it is they are about to touch.

On each end of the box is a round opening of the perfect size for a small hand, and the opening is covered by a round wooden flap that closes after the hand is removed, so rain and snow can't enter.

Shown here is a small Sensory Box, but if you want one for older children or young adults, we can make them any size. Just ask by calling us toll-free at 888-290-8405, or e-mail us at [email protected].

Boxes can be treated with our safe Thompson’s Waterseal or left untreated so they can be decorated by the children, staff, or parents with their children (a great fundraiser!).