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Spiderweb Climbing Net

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Brand: Natural Playgrounds Company
Toxicity: child friendly wood preservative
Age Appropriateness: all ages

These Spiderweb Nets are fabulous for fine motor skills and upper body development.

As kids (or adults) make their way across (if the net is horizontal) or up/down the net (if the net is vertical), it moves, which requires micro adjustments of hands, legs, feet, arms,, and core body parts, so it is really a very good workout element!

Horizontal Spiderweb Nets can be mounted at any height off the ground. The kit comes with 8”x8” x8’ long square posts with cut caps and rope holes (treated with kid-friendly preservative) that are then embedded in the ground.

If the post is buried 3’ in the ground with concrete, and there is a 12” layer of fall zone material, then you can mount the net about 3’ off the ground/fall zone. Obviously, if you mount it too high, kids won’t be able to get up on it, but you could mount one end high, and the opposite end lower to allow easier access.

These horizontal nets come with the 8 feet of extra rope extending from the spider web net diagonal lines so they can be ‘tied off’ between correctly positioned poles or posts.

If this net is for use in a public park where it could be used by one or more heavy adults at a time, then we recommend getting larger posts (10x10, 8x12, etc), and a heavier rope net (1” rope)

Vertical Spiderweb Nets are just that: they can be hung from a beam, steel bar, cable, tree branches, etc. They are finished with a rope border on all 4 sides, and with rope eyes across the top, 12” above the net. These nets DO NOT COME with posts.

NOTE: we recommend the use fall zones under and around all nets, regardless of the position in which they’re mounted.

Spiderweb Nets are high quality, handcrafted nets made to simulate the shape of a spider web. Soft, weather-resistant rope allows excellent use indoors and outdoors.

We use a 3/4” diameter (10,800 lbs tensile strength) poly Dacron 3-strand twisted, tan colored rope that offers great UV, moisture, and abrasion resistance.