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Brand: Natural Playgrounds Company
Toxicity: child friendly wood preservative
Age Appropriateness: up to 8 years

This large wooden Tipi Is a phenomenal new element in our product line, as are the two smaller TiPis.

Handholds and ladder slats are included on the large Tipi, and offer different upper body challenges on a completely safe playground element.

Hanging inside in the middle is a length of rope fixed to the ground, which offers yet another climbing challenge!

The whole regal structure is about 12 feet tall to its peak, so it’s an immediate, attractive space in which children can play and make-believe.

The smaller 8’ Tipi has 8 sides, and can be purchased with 2 (or more) walls or without walls; you specify the number of walls and open spaces.

Tipis play a significant role in our nation's history and can be used to teach units about our Native American heritage, dwellings, nomadic living, the simplistic beauty of useful structures, wind dynamics, design, heat retention, and many other concepts.

In addition, they make wonderful meeting places, provide a fabulous sense of enclosure (that's also well lit), and provide much-needed shade in sunny areas.

Because of the spacing between the slats, and the open sides, the large Tipi is relatively transparent which makes supervision from almost any angle very easy.

This is a rugged play element that is good for any age group.

Both Tipis come as easy to assemble kits that can be put up in a few hours (or a lot less time for the smaller TP). The 12’ Tipi should rest on top of solid ground with the base buried in the fall zone material, whereas the smaller TP is meant to be set on the ground, and is fastened to the ground with stakes which makes it very easy to move to other locations.

The footprint of the big TP is about a 12’ diameter circle. A 6 foot fall zone is required all around, so its a circle 24’ in diameter.

The footprint of the smaller TP is about 8 feet. If you want climbing handholds on the walls, please specify, but if you do, you will need a fall zone around this TP as well.

Without walls, the small TP frame is not a climbing element, so it does not need a fall zone all the way around it, which means it can be placed in your garden or on the grass. Great for growing vines, pole beans, morning glories, etc.

The Log TP is a majestic 12 foot high, grand-looking feature made with 6 real logs up to 8 inches in diameter. This is an eye-catcher, and makes for a wonderful place to meet, play, have picnics, learn about Native American traditions, and so on. Your kids (and their parents) will love it!