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Toddler Climber

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Toxicity: child friendly wood preservative
Age Appropriateness: toddlers

This Toddler Climber is extremely versatile.

Note from the photos that it can fit in a smaller space by having the stairs come off the same side as the slide. See the photos below, including the birds-eye view.

In the more extended version, if you have the space, the stairs can come off one end, the slide off the other (last 2 photos).

To make it more challenging, some customers have asked for a short net climb to the deck in place of the stairs.

This 3’ high (or 4’ high) Climber gives young children all kinds of challenges, from climbing stairs, to sliding, to the success of getting up off the ground onto a higher place (a really big achievement).

The deck is big enough that it can accommodate several children at once. Like we said above, we can also make the Climber 4’ high.

A fall zone would be required around the entire structure unless it is against a fence.

If you add a slide, climbing wall, and/or a climbing net, the fall zone would need to be slightly extended to include these, as well.

This Climber comes with the stairs, but does NOT include the slide, but the slide is available as an add-on for either the 3’ high Climber or for the 4’ high Climber (specify in the drop down menu).

Other add-on items include a Net Climb and a Climbing Wall.

The locations of the slide, climbing wall, and climbing net can be almost anywhere, including on the ends of the Climber, so make sure you either specify in the notes where you want the add-ons, or have a quick discussion with us.