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Tree Reading Bench

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Brand: Natural Playgrounds Company
Toxicity: child friendly wood preservative
Age Appropriateness: all ages

This reasonably priced, pretty Reading Tree Bench with leaning backs between sections makes a great piece of furniture that enhances any outdoor environment.

The Bench provides a beautiful, shaded resting spot right under a tree for teachers and children alike, so kids have the great experience that feels very much like sitting in a cozy window seat. They can also move around the bench to follow the shade as the earth moves.

Spacing between the backrests is at a perfect distance for two children to be reading at the same time, or to be quietly talking to each other in a very private space.

Great for outdoor libraries! Just put a bookshelf nearby, and the kids will be here willingly!

The neat thing about it, is that there are 6 such perfect spaces around the tree, so up to 12 children can be on the bench.

We build them using child-friendly treated lumber for the feet, then top them with cedar seating to reduce weathering effects and splintering. Cedar is then treated with Thompson’s child-friendly wood sealer for protection.

Comes unassembled, you merely fasten the seating panels to the feet assemblies, place the bench around your tree in sections, and install the wood screws.

This tree bench is hexagonal in shape (six sided), and has a 24" center opening to accommodate up to a 18" diameter tree (56 1/2” around) with 3” of clearance. Comes with easily adjustable growth plate to accommodate a growing tree!

Sits on top of the ground, so no need to dig holes.

This picture also shows our Photo Wall to the right, our Arbor Swing to the left, our Storage Tree in the front of the window, and our Storage Shed in the building corner.

The second picture (below) shows the Reading Tree Bench under construction.

All these can be purchased in the store, as well.