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Tree Table Bench


Brand: Natural Playgrounds Company
Toxicity: child friendly wood preservative
Age Appropriateness: all ages

This Tree Table Bench is a fantastic addition to any park, playground, or yard.

It surrounds a tree, so the tree is the centerpiece, and when you’re sitting on the bench, you’re looking at the tree up really close, so there is endless opportunity to observe the bark, shapes, colors, things stuck in the bark, shadows playing in the crevices, tiny insects crawling up the tree, and so on.

And because you can’t see all the way across the table, different groups can be sitting at the same table, yet having totally different experiences and conversations. Also, because the bench surrounds the tree, one side will always be shady.

Benches always invite conversations, create meeting places, provide a place for quiet contemplation, act as collection tables, and are wonderful for socializing while also giving children a place to rest while playing.

Kit includes all materials, hardware, and simple assembly instructions. (Images may not be exact representations of Tree Table Benches, depending on materials used, and on the amount of time exposed to the elements.)

The tree table bench can accommodate trees up to 17” in diameter. If you want a larger opening, you MUST let us know so we can make it bigger!!!

Note that there are 6 separate feet that touch the ground, so if the tree roots make the ground a little uneven, you may want to throw a little dirt under some of the legs to level the table

The Tree table bench built is for kids and is 43 1/2” across the table top, 65 1/2” bench to bench both dimensions flat to flat. The bench is set at 12” above the ground with the table top 19” from the ground.