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Wood Protector Sprayer

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Age Appropriateness:

This Sprayer is perfect for spraying on our child-friendly preservative!

No need for brushes, rags, rollers, or dirty hands. Fill up this sprayer (partially filling it works just fine), pump it up, and you’re good to go!

Just walk around your playground (or your house) and spray anything made out of wood twice or more a year. This keeps the wood from drying out, splitting, cracking, and generally looking beat up and weathered.

You should certainly do this with your wooden playground elements, but even if you have just a few wooden items in your backyard, spray them down!

The preservative we have works perfectly on decks, as well, so if you have a wooden deck, along with wooden railings (which are IMPOSSIBLE to do with a brush), use this sprayer to treat them, as well!!

But look at this:

This is a very versatile sprayer! It’s designed to water, fertilize, control weeds, control pests and apply sealer, as well!

The durable polyethylene, 2 gallon pump sprayer also has an adjustable nozzle, anti clog filter, funnel top with a 4” opening, a translucent bottle so you can see how much liquid you have left (!!), a 34” hose with a ~18” wand at the end, and an easy grip handle.

As a bonus, you could also use it to spray down the kids when the weather’s hot :)))))

This Sprayer continues to earn high ratings!