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Half Pipe Run Up


Brand: Natural
Toxicity: child friendly wood preservative
Age Appropriateness: all ages

An element obviously inspired by skateboarders, the Half-Pipe Run-up is our most recent and most challenging, fun, participatory element in a course.

Again, this can be sized for any age group, and we have both a short and tall run-up side-by-side, so that if you don’t make the more challenging one, there’s a good chance you can do the shorter one.

The fascinating part about this element, is that very soon, team mates were helping each other up and over the top, even though they were in competition with each other! And the muddier and wetter it got, the more fun it became for a team.

Comes as a kit that can be installed permanently or as a temporary item. Complete installations instructions are included.

For schools and public playgrounds, a fall zone would be required.

Price is for a 8’ wide run up with a 12’ and 8’ high portion not mounted in the ground.