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Magnetic Chalkboard Easel 2 Sided

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Brand: Natural Playgrounds Company
Toxicity: treated with child friendly wood preservative
Age Appropriateness: all ages

Art Easels are a must on a playground. 33% of children are visual learners, and children who make art read better and get better grades, so art should be an important activity outside as well, because the outdoor environment stimulates all kinds of sensations that children can’t get inside.

These are also great for an outdoor classroom, and can easily be installed in front of sitting stumps or slab or other benches spaced 6 safe feet apart.

It’s well known that children’s art develops hand and eye coordination, stimulates perception, allows exploration of ideas, encourages creative solutions, enhances critical thinking, provides a way to reflect on feelings, and allows children to be more self-aware and to express thoughts or emotions in new ways, so these outdoor Chalk Panels should play a critical role in your outdoor curriculum.

Two-sided Chalk Panels are made of steel with a coating of outdoor chalkboard paint, so magnetized items will stick to them.

Writing with chalk directly on these washable playground art panels, or on paper attached to them, gives children a place to express themselves. It offers all kinds of artistic, creative, and imaginative play and learning options, from writing/drawing on the panels with differently-colored chalk, to sticking magnetized objects on them. Some people have magnetic animals, trees, and so on, so that “scenes” can be created. Other centers have tubes and plastic channels that can be arranged so sand and water flows from one to the other. Endless play!!

Standard sized Art Panels for childcare centers are 2’x3’, and each has a small shelf 12” off the ground. The panels can be mounted higher for older kids!

And if you want feet so the panel rests on top of the ground and can be moved, please order the option with feet. if it gets real windy, don’t forget that the panels are like sails, so they can catch the wind and blow over. We suggest that if you get the feet, just move the panel close to the building when you’re done using it, or if it’s going to be blustery, you can always lay the panel on the ground until the wind dies down!

Comes as a kit with complete, easy installation instructions.

NOTE: there is also the choice of ordering the easel with a Clear Polycarbonate panel, so if you want that, look at that item in the store.

Further notes:

The double-sided chalk panel let’s more than one child experiment with chalk drawing on each side of the easel.

Play Options include:
• children can writing directly on the surface with different colors of chalk
• using the panel as a backdrop on which kids hang paper with magnets or masking tape.
• mixing up slurries of different colored liquid soaps, and then using these as finger paint.
• using different colored, small sticky notes to create collages.
• or, if you have lots of magnetized play items, the kids can stick them all over to make patterns, hold things on the panel, etc etc.

And so on :)))

Lastly, there is a magnetic loose parts package that is available for this magnetic chalkboard, which opens up oodles of ways children can do new experiments with sand, dirt, mud, balls, stones, water, etc. Watch them create different paths for different materials, experiment with angles that start materials flowing, connect the parts in different ways, and so on.

The Small Magnetic Loose Parts Package (shown below mounted on our large Chalk wall) contains 3 18" chutes, 3 12" chutes, 4 deflectors, 4 funnel holders (all with strong magnets that attach to the board), and 4 funnels.

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