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Weather Station

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Brand: Natural Playgrounds Company
Toxicity: child friendly wood preservative
Age Appropriateness: all ages

Our fabulous, easy-to-read Weather Station has 6 very good sensors that collect data related to the weather and environment.

What better way to get the children involved in the environment around them? If they see the numbers and measurements, and you teach them how to take notes about what’s happening hour-to-hour, or day-to-day, they will begin to understand the relationships between the varying measurements!

Once they understand that, they’ll be able to make their own weather forecasts!

How cool is that??!!

The image shows two opposite sides, and between the two posts are the round instruments (the thermometer and the barometer) that are on the other sides of the wooden box wrapping the post.

Types of Sensors

The following measurement devices are included with the Natural Playgrounds Weather Station:

Thermometer - Measures air temperature in degrees.

Hygrometer - Measures relative humidity (percentage of water in the air) which influences rainfall, fog, dew point, and heat index.

Barometer - Measures the weight of the air above you. It changes with the temperature. However, barometers are designed to work at 3500 foot elevations or less. If you’re in a higher elevation, we will adjust the instrument to work at your elevation, but you have to let us know!!!

Anemometer - Measures how fast the wind is blowing, or wind speed. This is a very accurate instrument, not a cheesy play toy :)
Weather Vane - Shows which direction the wind is blowing (also Wind Vane).

Rain Gauge - Measures the amount of rain that falls to the ground.

The instruments are made for outdoor use and are fastened a wooden box wrapped around the 6x6 post which can be buried at any height that matches the age group. (Please specify the age group.)

This is interactive, in that kids have to actually walk around all four sides of this elegant-looking Weather Station to gather the data, so several kids can be doing this at the same time!!

Easy installation instructions included!