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Wood Cleaner and Brightener Kit

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This phenomenal product is something we just discovered.

Exposed to the elements over time, wood take on a grayish, tired look, so because all of our products are made from child friendly, pressure-treated wood, we’ve been hunting for a product that would brighten up the wood and make it look almost like new.

This product obviously doesn’t work on painted wood, but it does a fabulous job on plain wood that has weathered, such as wood used on wooden learning and play elements on playgrounds, wooden fences, tree decks, play decks, stages, log houses, wood sided homes, and so on.

This Kit contains a powerful wood cleaner combined with an effective wood brightener in a concentrated, easy to use, two-step process.

The two-step cleaning system uses a professional formula to remove old failed oil/clay-based stains, dirt, graying, mold from the wood surface, oxidized sealers and water repellents, light mildew and tannin bleeding, etc. and leaves the wood pH balanced, bright, and ready for clear and other stains.

This kit mixes up to 5 gallons of wood cleaner and 5 gallons of wood brightener, so enough to treat about 1000 ft.² and can be sprayed on (see the sprayer in the pull down option).

The photos give you a rough idea of what the differences between the old wood and what it looks like after the treatment.

We used it on one of our truck beds made with pressure-treated lumber, and it brightened it right up!

If some of your playground items look old and tired, try this!

The photo of the container is a little bit misleading. It measures only about 5 inches in diameter, and about 7 inches tall, and contains concentrated packages of both cleaner and brightener as well as complete instructions on how to mix and use them :)
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