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Welcome to the New Products Page!

Every so often, we design and develop a new product, usually when we identify a need ourselves, or when several of our great customers tell us they need the same thing!

This one, the Portable Desk, is absolutely fabulous -- and VERY TIMELY. Not only did we learn of the need from several of our customers, but we also know the pandemic has encouraged teachers to take their classes outside.

That’s not so easy if teachers aren’t used to it, so the Portable Desk creates part of a wonderful illusion that the kids are in a classroom at their desks!

BUT they’re OUTSIDE :)))

Our other new item, is the Spiderweb Climbing Net. This is a great feature for ANY age group, and can be mounted horizontally or vertically!

We recently had 3 customers ask for one of these, so we found a great net company to work with, and are packaging the horizontal net with pre-formed posts and a mounting system, so all you have to do is dig 8 holes for the posts and concrete, and you’re done!

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