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Musical Wood (Xylophone)

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Brand: Natural Playgrounds Company
Toxicity: child friendly wood preservative
Age Appropriateness: all ages

This Musical Wood instrument is based on the xylophone, an instrument that dates back to 2000 BC in China, or possibly earlier. More recent, is a tuned log xylophone from Uganda, Africa called an amadinda.

We are fascinated by the fact that pieces of wood can produce notes, and your kids will be, too!

We purposely don't "tune" the wood, as the whole idea is to help children understand that almost anything can make sounds, and that almost any sound can be heard as musical. If they want to "play" a tune, then they have to "discover" the right sounds that make that tune possible (all part of the discovery-oriented play and learning experience)!

Musical Wood Xylophone is meant to be suspended between the two posts that come with the package, but may easily be hung from a tree branch or tree stand.

The fir sound boards are treated with kid-friendly preservative to extend the outdoor life of the wood.

Comes with two posts, two small mallets, all hanging hardware, and easy installation instructions.

Installed size 5’-8 1/2” x x 2’-0” x 2’-2” high. Standard height installation average playing surface 18”.

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